“Powerful insights and results will never be delivered by automation.

The future is about predictive analytics, machine learning and cognitive systems.”

Future proof your business

  • Get the tools that give you an advantage over disruptors
  • Gain insight for new markets, products and services
  • Dramatically change cost structures and agility of the business
  • Drive change faster with greater certainty
  • Adapt to changing markets and customer demands
The pace of change and depth of complexity is driving cognitive systems

Software Modules

•   ProruptCompliance

      Automating and managing regulatory returns

•   ProruptPlan         

 Multiyear forecasting and budgeting for banking 

•   ProruptSimulation     

      Cognitive tools for Stress testing, what-ifs, ICAAP,

  •   ProruptReport
Automated financial, strategic and audit Reporting 

•   ProruptAudit            

   Audit, control, process, security 

•   ProruptAnalyse       

Visualization, Analytics, Dashboards 

•  ProruptCreditRisk   

     Cognitive tools for IFRS9